“Fondong” or “Kòkòlò zayann” or “Sèpan lakansyèl”

Gistavlabéka is going on with his journey and his work. The idea of Fondong came in 2010 as a vévé/symbol of life, grounded in the foundations of sound from “Gwadloup”, notably Léwòz, Padjenbel, and Granjanbel.

Thus it could be said that Fondong is a Ka barrel-aged essence, a music fed by the fire of Ka.

A few elements that we use as a foundation, giving ourselves and others a means of self expression to get deep into the matter.

Thus, Fondong, in the spirit of the Bassa Mbog, of the Haitian Hougan, of the Madagascan Fokon’lo, exists for the word to make.
Fondong reveals itself, like gwoka “Gwadloup”, of the “Caribbean”, Afrika-Kamita, the world and the timeless universe.

The repertoire consists mainly of original pieces of sounds familiar to what could be called the jazz.

The Fondong generally takes the form of quintet. But its expression is polymorphous (from soloist to big band).

The musicians of the Fondong bring with them a wide variety of experiences including concert groups, gwoka bands, street music and improvised music.

The group was granted residences and has given several concerts thus far, like at the Ilojazz Festival and the Gwoka Festival in Guadeloupe.

The group proposes about 1h30 long concerts and can give master-classes and training courses on afro-“Guadeloupean” sound (gwoka…), and the Kòkòlò zayann sound.

“Fondong, Naba Tan”, its first album, was released in 2018.
6 soundmakers took part in it:

  • Gistavlabéka: Drums, Percussions and Voice
  • Rudy Souriant (Kasouri): Electric Piano, Keyboards and Voice
  • Linley Marthe: Bass
  • Dominique Tauliaut: Congas and Ka drums
  • Gérald Grandman: Tenor & Soprano Saxes
  • Sylvain Ransy: Electric Piano


In ancient Egypt, the signD,  ANKH, at another level of interpretation, symbolizes the human being in his social, spiritual and cosmic integrity: the handle represents the head (Reason); the bar, the arms (link between Heaven and Earth); the vertical line, the human body between Heaven and Earth. This means that the human being is intrinsically linked to the whole of the Real and is only a living and intelligent vibration of the primitive cosmos.
The ANKH, a powerful symbol if ever there was one, therefore tied man to the earth, to the sky, to the solar system, to the whole cosmos. Human life is part – is a part – of all past, present and future manifestations, of the changing Universe, and yet always the same in its infinite immensity.
Théophile Obenga, présentation de la revue ANKH Revue d'Egyptologie et des Civilisations africaines
(presentation of ANKH, Journal of Egyptology and African Civilizations)  (tr: CR)