Akhu gangann

1 – Akhu gangann (9’24)

When we were disembarked on this land, we asked the ancestors to take care of ourselves. Then they opened their eyes, they opened their ears in the M`Mu-Nza for us to keep on being Mùuntù.

Akhu gangann (Fondong)


Inheriting is an incomplete act and process. To complete them, it is necessary to bring original and new elements. There are no better new elements than those that come from its culture and tradition. Modern sciences need the original culture to strengthen them. The original culture needs science to modernize itself. Thus tradition becomes an active and constantly renewed reality. The proverb “kôngo”: “wa dia fwa yika dió” eliminates the image of retrogression stuck to tradition.
The true tradition is a driving force forward and not a turning back. It is an opening in time and space.

Nsaku Kimbembe, Confins spirituels du Kongo Royal, Tome 1, Cercle Congo, 2010, p. 6.
(Spiritual confines of the Royal Kongo)   (tr: CR)


Akhu gangann

  • Sound & Lyrics: Gistavlabéka
  • Sea in Guadeloupe
  • Birds in Kalvè Bémao (Guadeloupe)
  • Gérald Granman: Tenor & Soprano Saxes
  • Gistavlabéka : Drumset, Singing, Whistling & Mouth drum
  • Ruddy Souriant (Kasouri): Electric Piano & Synth.

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