9 –  Blanblaklis     (8’14)

Karayibo Karayibo Karayibo
Kalinago you were, kalina you will keep on being, Taïno you are
La lé woulé la lé woulo woulo la lé woulé woulo woulo woulo woulo
In land of deportation, we don’t know the value of black and white peoples plot
They gave you all kinds of names, but you’ve got a nice name, a name in your fashion, in your style
Gwadloup chéwi (Kalukaéra), Matinik chéwi (Yanakouaëra), Dominik chéwi (Waïtukubuli), Jamayik chéwi (Yamaïka), Ayiti chéwi…

Harmony is a perfect concord between all the elements, all the forces and all the feelings. Peace is a harmony. The Bakongo portray the harmony as the union of two Kongo principles, pelekete and pakundungu.

Kimbembe Nsaku Sêngele, Ntangu yi fweni - Voici venu le temps, Amouna Hungan Ga, 2ème éd., an 50, p.126.
(Ntangu yi fweni. Now is the time, Amouna Hungan Ga)   (tr: Kaza)

The Bambara thinking is allusive. As a matter of fact, it asserts the presence of a One Being self-organizing from the Noun:
“There was nothing except a Being.
That Being was a living Emptiness,
brooding potentially over contingent existences.
Endless Time was the dwelling of that One Being.
The One Being gave himself the name Maa Ngala.
Then he created “Fan”,
a wonderful Egg with nine divisions,
and he inserted into it the nine fundamental states of existence”.

Mbog Bassong, La méthode de la philosophie africaine. De l’expression de la pensée complexe en Afrique noire, L’Harmattan, 2007, p. 30.
(The Method of African philosophy. About the expression of complex thought in Black Africa)    (tr: Kaza)


  • Sound & Lyrics: Gistavlabéka
  • Gérald Grandman: Tenor & Soprano Saxes
  • Gistavlabéka: Drumset, Vocals
  • Linley Marthe: Bass
  • Rudy Souriant (Kasouri): Electric Piano & Synth., Vocals
  • Dominique Tauliaut: Congas, Ka makè drum, Ka boula drum

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