3 –  Lendépandans     (4’48)

Article 2
All the slaves who will be in our islands will be baptized and instructed in the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman religion. We enjoin the planters buying newly arrived negroes to inform the Governor and Intendant of said islands of this fact within no more than eight days, in pain of an descretionary fine; they shall give the necessary orders for them to be instructed and baptized within an appropriate amount of time.

Article 5
We forbid our subjects of the so-called reformed religion to cause any trouble nor obstruction to our other subjects, even their slaves, in the free exercise of the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith, on pain of exemplary punishment.

Article 14
Masters will be obliged to bury in Holy Ground in cemeteries so designated, the baptized slaves; and as to the ones who died without having received the baptism, they will be buried at night in any field close to the place where they died.

Le Code noir. L’esprit frappeur, Paris, 1998 (1685)
(The Black Code)   (tr: Kaza)

Take your Things
Take your Freedom
Take your Nkisi
Take your Business
Live your own Life

Women from Guadeloupe, Men from Guadeloupe!
Guadeloupe is endangered
We can’t stay like that
We have to join all our forces
In one fight
In order to resist

From day to day
The enemy is invading us
We have to be careful
Time is going by

Women from Guadeloupe, Men from Guadeloupe!
Let us all stand up
All of us, for us to
Save the country
And win our freedom
Save the country
And win our freedom
And win our freedom !

Gérard Lockel, “chant Lendépandans”, record “Gwo Ka Modènn”, A.D.G.K.M., 1988, Guadeloupe
(tr: Kaza)


  • Sound: Gérard Lockel / Proposed organization: Gistavlabéka
  • Gérald Grandman: Tenor & Soprano Saxes
  • Gistavlabéka: Drumset
  • Linley Marthe: Bass
  • Rudy Souriant (Kasouri): Electric Piano & Synth.
  • Dominique Tauliaut: Congas, Ka makè drum, Ka boula drum

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