Naba Tan

2 –  Naba Tan    (10’18)

Lord of Light

His speech (Nafakurure)

Your rise is good on the horizon of the sky the living light
You are the beginning of life
Risen again on the eastern horizon, you filled the whole earth with your goodness,
You are visible again, great again, close again
Standing again over every land.
Your rays encompass the end of the lands, you saw each of them

Pierre Nillon, Prière et enseignements pharaoniques de Nafakurure, 2016, pp. 273-4
(Nafakurure’s prayer and pharaonic teachings)    (tr: Kaza)

Economics of Nature or The Great Hymn to the Aton

When you set on the western horizon,
The universe (is) in the darkness in the manner of the death.
They are sleeping (the men) in the rooms, heads covered
And no eye sees the other one    (…)

Théophile Obenga, La philosophie africaine de la période pharaonique. 2780-330 avant notre ère, Édition l’Harmattan, 1990, p. 84.
(African philosophy of the Pharaonic period. 2780-330 before our era)    (tr: Kaza)

Naba Tan

  • Sound: Gistavlabéka
  • Gérald Grandman: Tenor & Soprano Saxes
  • Gistavlabéka: Drumset
  • Linley Marthe: Bass
  • Rudy Souriant (Kasouri): Electric piano & Synth.
  • Dominique Tauliaut: Congas, Ka makè drum, Ka boula drum

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