6 –  Senkmawon     (11’14)


A Liberating Black People’s Prayer for Justice & Peace

Thou who are Blacker
Than a trillion midnights;
Whose eyes shine brighter
Than a billion suns.

Thou whose hair doth
Coil tighter than a
Million springs, radiating
All energy throughout
The universe.

We beseech Thee, One
And Only One
To give us total strength
to carry out Thy will for the universe!
To establish justice on
planet Earth and live in peace.
Dr Frances Cress Welsing, 1996.

The African theory of the reality, Essay on phenomenological hermeneutics
To understand ontology, the science of being, we must grasp the religious essence reported through myths and its derivatives, namely legends, symbols, epics, proverbs, tales, aphorisms… African philosophical discourse therefore suggests concepts represented both by images and words that are also authentic deified principles covering reality, both visible and invisible. It is, in fact, a symbolic thought whose ontological status programs a tension towards universal wholeness in a language that, for a reason, appears religious and at the same time magico-scientific.

Mbog Bassong, La méthode de la philosophie africaine. De l’expression de la pensée complexe en Afrique noire, L’Harmattan, 2007, pp. 13-14.
(The Method of African philosophy. About the expression of complex thought in Black Africa)  (tr: CR)


  • Sound & Lyrics: Gistavlabéka
  • Gérald Grandman: Tenor & Soprano Saxes
  • Gistavlabéka: Drumset
  • Linley Marthe: Bass
  • Rudy Souriant (Kasouri): Electric Piano & Synth.
  • Dominique Tauliaut: Congas, Ka makè drum, Ka boula drum

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